The must-have Barbie nail colours for Summer 2023

[toc]Hats off to the Barbie movie’s marketing team. Everywhere we look, brands from every industry are getting swept up in the Barbie mania. From fashion with collaborations with Gap, Aldo, Superga footwear and Beis luggage and not to mention AirBNB’s Barbie Dream House, it’s Barbie’s world and we’re all just living in it.

There is nothing quite as fantastic as living life in pink. Perfectly illustrated by Margot Robbie’s red carpet appearances around the world. Appearing everywhere as Barbie herself, thanks to stylist Andrew Mukamal, make-up artist Pati Dubroff and hair stylist Bryce Scarlett. Every little details has been perfectly planned down to of course the Barbie nails. Nail artists including Cho, Jocely Petroni, Betina Goldstein and Tom Bachik have all been on call for Barbie’s must-have nails.

Our social feeds have, unsurprisingly, been taken over by pink manicures, from minimalistic to full Ken-energy. We’ve been enjoying Barbie pink French tips, to two-tone Barbie nails, glittery Barbie nails and gradient pink Barbie nails.

We’ve paired the trending Barbie nails with the best nail colours to get them for yourself. From a subtly pink nail colour to full on hot pink nail colour, there’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re style.

The best nail colours for Barbie core manicures

1. Bubble gum scented nails

Embrace the vibrant Barbie energy with this bright, bubble gum scented nail varnish that is a real show-stopper.

2. Barbie French tips

Start with Ballet Slippers by essie for the base, and then use Pétula by manucurist for the tips for a classic French manicure with a Barbie twist.

3. Block Barbie nails

For chic Barbie, nails Rose by Manucurist is an elegant shade for a subtle Barbie look. Alternatively, opt for O.P.I.s Emflowered for a slightly brighter, modern pink.

4. Pink gradient Barbie nails

Gradeint nails are one of the most popular Barbie nail tends. Start with muchi, muchi by essie. Then choose a contrasting hot pink to blend into, such as Pink to the Core by Nail.Inc.

5. Glittery Barbie nails

For those who love a little sparkle, opt for So Powerful by My Mood is HD or O.P.I’s Pixel Dust.

6. Barbie glazed donut nails

An update on Hailey Bieber’s viral trend, use Xxx by essie.

7. Barbie lip oil nails

One of the latest nail trends emerging this summer are pink lip oil nails. A natural look with just a touch of pink. Try So Beaming by My Mood or Glowing Out by Nail.Inc.

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